An Easy Way To Fix SMTP 5.1.1 Errors

An Easy Way To Fix SMTP 5.1.1 Errors

Here are a few easy ways that can help fix the SMTP 5.1.1 error issue. 550 5.1. 1 means that the recipient’s email address server assumes that the email does not exist at the destination web address and therefore cannot help with delivery. If you didn’t make a specific mistake when entering your shipping address, you don’t need to correct it, and you must correct it at the end.

As support specialists we web host, have seen on the internet that you send emails to certain recipients who encounter the error:

550 5.1.1 <[email address protected]>: recipient rejected

This bug affects recipients whose emails are stored on Exchange and Postfix servers. Today we will discuss the reasons for “550 error 5.1.1” and how to fix this idea.

How To Fix Error 5 “550.1.1: Recipient Exceeded Rejected”

What does 550 5.4 1 Recipient address rejected Access denied?

The mail server that caused the error is not accepting emails using a domain sender (for example, @fabrikam.com). This error is usually incorrectly caused by the mail server or DNS settings.


1. Incoming Server Issues

The most common problems that can also occur in the receiver:

one. Invalid recipient address in email

Often an error occurs for a completely natural reason: when specifying an email address, an incorrect email address is specified. Sometimes in the wrong address can often lead to the rejection of e-mails.

If the email is addressed to a normally defunct account, or perhaps an account that is no longer used by the recipient, the recipient’s server will not be able to find the email account.

In some cases, an email message was not delivered to the recipient and it was found that it could not be delivered to the sender with the error “550 5.1. 1: Indicates the recipient was rejected”.< /p>p>

Check the email address in the email for spelling errors and make sure it’s the correct account email address.

Also check how often the domain on your side resolves to the correct server and the routing is correct by implementing the “dig” et “trace route” tools.

b. MX record for domain recipient running the wrong server


How do I fix Recipient address rejected?

Reset TCP/IP and DNS. Recipient Rejected: address login denied error may occur in the market due to a bad DNS cache or othernetwork adapter failure. To resolve this issue, try resetting the DNS and TCP IP address.

If the site recipient’s MX is incorrectly resolved to one of the remote servers, the email will most likely not be forwarded to the changed mail server.

In response, the mail server that received the post office cannot measure the mail account in it, resulting in undeliverable mail. To check the MX records of a domain, use the domain

How do I fix a 550 error?

Check for typos in the contact address.Check if the forwarding IP address is blacklisted.At the end of the moment send try it by e-mail.Try moving the outgoing mail port to.Check if IP filtering is enabled.Enable SMTP authentication.Fix the SSL method. Youcontact this provider.

dig command:


many problems with DNS

can also happen if DNS records are set incorrectly, such as general records for priority or domain MX records that are not set correctly.

If there are any problems with the MX instructions for the target domain, please contact our server support team to get them and. If you are the owner of a separate server, change the DNS records and fix the problems.


In addition to MX records, email messages should also be read and checked for presence on the map server. Make sure the contact information is sent to the correct server and not to remote servers.


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c. Configuration temperature on mailrecipient’s server

Many device servers implement custom mail server security settings to prevent the server from being abused by too many emails. — Spam filters are important tools that intercept emails.

5.1.1 smtp error

This security policy is managed by server-wide firewalls or domain-specific filters. Inconsistent email forwarding can also result in completely incorrect email routing.

Some “message delivery restrictions” in the recipient’s email account, which can block certain senders, can also result in a “550 with 5.1.1: Recipient address rejected” error.

To make sure firewalls on the secondary server don’t usually block your server, do the following:


telnet-domain.com 25

If connection problems block emails, if filters or block your email addresses, let Der filter check the recipient domains and thus createNo blacklists to avoid blocking.

2.Output Server

with the sender

Error 5550.1.1 The error can also be caused by persistent problems on the mail server:

one. The sender was diagnosed as spam

Many mail servers, such as Postfix and Exchange, acquire features to reject unverified senders. The final check includes SPF check entries for RDNS support.


If the sender’s domain is indeed blacklisted as Spamhaus, the primary recipient’s mail server may reject web mail from the server.

Check where the SPF records for the sender’s email domain exist and if the RDNs are configured correctly. Test command:


Host IP address

Confirm that the new server is not blacklisted. If blacklisted, check the server for spam scripts and protect the server from spammers.

How do I fix email error?

Try these fixes. Check that the recipient’s address is valid. Reduce the number of recipients in the message. If you receive this error when sending a message using or the outlook email app, try using Outlook.com instead, which can send the message.


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b. Part of the sender’s email hacked

If there are many bounced emails in the email logs, it could be mistaken for spam from the sender’s email account.

Even some spam scripts can send bulk messages to different accounts, writing non-existent logs with 5 return “550.1.1” errors.


Explore check your mail logs and make sure the server doesn’t send spam.

5.1.1 smtp error

Immediately block the suspect’s account with information and change the password to a strong password. Check the server for malicious scripts and enforce a strong password policy accordingly.

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