How To Deal With The Blue Screen That Blocks The Computer?

How To Deal With The Blue Screen That Blocks The Computer?

If you have a blue screen on your system that is blocking your computer, this guide should help you fix it.

If you haven’t made any major changes and the PC has been working fine for a long time, one of the most common causes of BSOD or random crashes causing our computer and mouse to freeze has become a faulty hard drive.

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How do you fix a blue screen that freezes?

Hold down the power selector for five seconds and hopefully it will reboot without issue. Although Windows Blue Screen Death (BSOD)When scary, Windows often successfully fixes it. It will run some data behind the scenes and parse it about you and then restart your computer.

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What is the solution of blue screen of death?

Update hardware in Windows. Most blue screen related deaths are related to hardware or drivers. Now updated drivers may fix the STOP error. Check the main system and application logs in the Event Viewer for errors or warnings that can provide additional information about the cause of an individual’s BSOD.

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For the lastFor 2 months or so my hardware has been having random crashes and blue tinted screens and I can’t for the life of me figure out what the product is. So if someone can help me, I’ll probably be grateful.
What I tried
– Reinstall Windows on 2 different SSD
– I tried to use the integrated graphics more intelligently than my main GPU and it only made things worse
– Learn wands individually
– All temperatures are acceptable

NOTE. The situation worsened after reinstalling Windows. Now the blue screen of the computer does not freeze, but the experimental tasks continue to run, and I can move the mouse.

If customers have any suggestions, I’ll be happy to know where my specs are.

I7 4790k
GTX 970
Power Supply Corsair RM850
Motherboard Gigabyte Gaming 6
Tear Jaws 2 x 8 GB RAM
Samsung evo850 Solid State Drive
Windows 10

Thank you Sam

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Microsoft stops releasing some fixes for AMD chips

computer lock up blue screen

Microsoft announces that for personal computers with AMD chips,Security fixes for Meltdown and Specter following complaints that most software updates freeze some brewers. Ellie Park reports.Video courtesy of Reuters.


Microsoft announces a suspension of Meltdown and Specter security patches for computers with AMD chips following complaints that improved software is causing some computers to freeze. Ellie Park reports.Video courtesy of Reuters.

  1. Computer Freezes And Blue Screen Death

    Why does my PC freeze and blue screen?

    An unknown screen appears when Windows issues a critical error that usually halts the operating system. These errors, while important, can be the result of faulty hardware, faulty or slow hardware drivers, or faulty or low-quality applications running on our Windows kernel.


    My computer freezes and fast after this BSOD. It also reloads without delay so I couldn’t catch the rules error. I have tested the product on my computer, but the problem occurs without error. The problem seems to be fixed if you reinstall Windows, but after a while the site returns.

    Help me!


  2. Blue screen associated with death

    Hello Malcolm,

    A fatal blue screen can be caused either by a hardware failure or software compatibility. We would appreciate any information to help you solve the blue screen of death problem on your TV:

  3. Please provide a very complete stop error message that the public will receive.
  4. Was there any changes made before I reported the issue?
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