How To Fix CSV Newline Error Inside String?

How To Fix CSV Newline Error Inside String?

If you’re seeing a new csv error line in line, the following blog post might help.

If this particular answer in the link above doesn’t work and you have the actual variable files open when you run the code, go back and make sure you close any remaining files when you’re done using them.


I had a script that processed and ran several files. Then, at the end, register yourself by issuing _csv.Error as Palamit saw it.

My spindle contains about 500 lines and can have three stages of sequential processing of triangular files. Here is the code of your which section, gave the main error. As you can see, the code is vanilla:

f normal is open('file.csv')fread = csv.Row reader(f)for Via Fred:    do something

for Fred’s _csv:

string. Error: line break inside

csv error newline inside string

That’s why I told the script to output the lines one by one… if OK, it’s not clear, I did this:

print=stringf open('file.csv')fread means reader csv.Row(f)for crazy people:    do something

Interestingly, what was written was the LAST LINE of one of the previous files that I struggled with, opened andprocessed.
What made this especially odd was that I used many kinds of variable names, but obviously important information got stuck in a buffer or memory somewhere.

So I went back and made sure I closed all the files that were open so far, and that solved the little problem.


5 Chase

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to python…@python.org

I have a small set of two alternative 4 codes (requires a physical library that didn’t exist yet)
updated) which in terms of handling the location of the CSV file requires some r values
contain heroines. It seems that in today’s multiversions (only
tested in version 2.7; assume files that this was changed in 2. This requires 5 Python
Right Thing™ directly and creates even values ​​r in a series of transactions.
However, in version 2.4 this particular CSV module chokes on it.

_csv.Error: line break in string

as a visual demonstration of the code example at this end of the letter. What is itWhat is the best way to deal with this? Right now I’m just using something

def unCR(f) For:
in line.replace(‘r’, Bring

”) f = file(‘input.csv’, for ‘rb’)
string csv.Code_to_process(string)

but reader(uncr(f)):
does this throw away data that I would really prefer to keep if possible.

I know version 2.4 is real and popular, in the best of worlds I would just
Upgrading to a later version, version 2 x, does what I need. a little time
2.4 Pythonists say they really have advice for me?


cStringIO Csv values
import File(‘out =.txt’, ‘wb’)
w is equal to Csv to.writer(f)
w.writerow([“One”, “Two”])
w.writerow([“FirstrSecond”, “Third”])

f = file(‘out.txt’, ‘rb’)
r implies csv.I, reader(f)
for all string enumerate(r): # works in 2.7, doesn’t work in 2.4
production repr(line)



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csv error newline inside string

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