How To Fix Dllregisterserver Not Found Error In Windows XP

How To Fix Dllregisterserver Not Found Error In Windows XP

This blog post was written to help you when you get the Windows XP dllregisterserver not found error code.

How do I fix regsvr32 the module failed to load?

Open an elevated command prompt.If the 32-bit DLL was still in the %systemroot%System32 folder, move its folder to %systemroot%SysWoW64.Run mandate:

1) contains registration information eFor perhaps regsvr32 equivalent to
2) Contains ONLY part of all registration information for Regsvr32 or equivalent
3) with ALL registration information for FULL registration for Regsvr32 or equivalent

In addition, another drug may or may add to modify the registry files associated with a particular .dll.

dllregisterserver was not found windows xp

So, only if there is type .dll #3, there is simply NO way for anyone to “fix” theirs in the registry information by selecting Regsvr32 or similar.

Therefore, attempts are being made to use the provided methods, which contain the “standard” registry entries for this .Particular dll developed, and therefore reports:

  • How To Fix “DllRegisterServer Entry Point Not Found” Error

    How do I fix DLLRegisterserver not found?

    Navigate to the C:/Windows/SysWow64 directory, then right-click on the empty area below the syswow64 folder and select Paste. After that you can open your elevated command prompt and re-register the generic ocx dll file to see in the instance “Server entry point DLLregister not found” but allowed.NOT

    dllregisterserver was not found windows xp

    to Jimredfield BUT · about 13 years ago, a few months ago


    sketchup pro, worked great recently
    didn’t open on my XP Pro one morning,
    reports “BugSplatRC Bio-DLL not found”. Ms what
    so I checked, either die.dll was anywhere
    it must be (check with the mobile application provider and
    then reinstalled only to whom it would be safe).

    How do you fix the module was loaded but the entry point DLLRegisterserver was not found?

    Right click this button. Click “Start”, select “Command (Admin)” line.Type “sfc /scannow” without and prompts without hitting Enter.After scanning, restart your new PC and check for problems.c

    Then Run on regsvr32 thought to be a .dll
    the amount for the required registration, and the resulting files FilesGoogleGoogle
    „C:Program SketchUp
    6BugSplatRC.dll loaded, but randomly, entry point dies
    dllregisterserver not found.
    Which file cannot be saved. »

    … now I’m lostI couldn’t find anything about it anywhere
    when you re-enable the DllRegisterServer
    entryPeriod. Help is welcome.

    Thanks, Jim

  • Alt=””

    to Jimredfield BUT · about 13 years, ten months ago

    How To Fix “Input Reference DllRegisterServer Not Found” Error

    SketchUp and Pro that worked great
    on all my xp pro did not open “morning dll” alone,
    reports that the BugSplatRC resource was not found.” and we
    so checked if the .dll was actually whereit shouldBut checked to be (while the application provider thought and
    then reinstalled just to be sure) wow.

    The .dll
    was then run based on regsvr32.had to save FilesGoogleGoogle manually, and SketchUp
    6BugSplatRC received
    „C:Programme.dll was only
    Item loaded, DllRegisterServer search not found. File no
    they are often recorded. »

    … and now I’m lost. Help someone
    Not rated – could, if you want, find
    about somewhere restoring the DllRegisterServer
    entryPeriod. Help is welcome.


    I’m trying to register a DLL on an XP package and when I run regsvr32 interop.progname.dll I get the following error message: “interop.progname.Dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer type entry point didn’t recognize anything. Can I register this file?”

    EDIT:I found. Tried, I registered it wrong in the file.

    requested June 15, 2009 at 13:31.



    Was loaded by the entry point DLLRegisterserver was not found?

    To fix this Front Point DLLRegisterserver not found error, you need to change the permissions when the TypeLib. You will also disable your antivirus utilities, make sure you fix the problem with regsvr32. Another solution to help is for you to edit the registers.

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