How To Fix Errors How To Fix Wow Error 64

How To Fix Errors How To Fix Wow Error 64

If you are getting the error how to fix wow error 64, today’s blog post is here to help you.

No wonder a large number of World of Warcraft players have predicted the Wow-64.exe application error by disabling their antivirus. This is almost certainly possible, as antivirus tools actively detect and quarantine suspicious files and buildings. You can simply right-click on the antivirus icon in your system tray and select Disable.

how to fix wow error 64

World of Warcraft exists As long as anyone can, despite the fact that even the fact that the game has been at the top for years cannot fix the fact that the game does not work, some people suffer. problems. One such problem is definitely the Wow-64.exe application error, which causes the desktop game to crash and display an error message.

Wow-64.exe Application Error

The solution to this problem created a lot of opportunities, and people decided to filter out the companies that really helped people, and we just grouped them together in one article. Follow the article and read on to find out more!

What Is Causing My Wow-64.exe Application Error?

How to Fix Wow errors?

Install the latest patch.Update your video card driver.Run the repair tool in the market to fix the problem.Disable the DVR app on the entire Xbox console.Run a system file scan.Defragment your disk.Reset user interface.Check for malware and even viruses.

There are several different causes for the Wow-64.exe application error. One of them is related to the nightmare when the game cache gets infected due to various factors. Clearing the cache and maybe even a few extras.A separate folder with game files can help bring your hobby back to life, which would help many people in our world.

In addition, your antivirus tools may prevent the game’s executable from running safely or accessing files that these types of files require. You should uninstall your antivirus, disable it, or someone might just add the World of Warcraft executable or folder to the exclusion list. This often happens with AVG in addition to Avast.

Finally, the problem may be caused by faulty WoW.exe and Wow-64.exe exe files. You can replace them by deleting them from the specified game folder and using the Scan and Repair function of the Battle.net launcher!

Solution 1: Clear The WoW Cache

how to fix wow error 64

Undoubtedly, there are several folders in the World in Warcraft installation that you can delete for several restart settings and restart the game without losing personal data. There are several folders that need to be deleted before restarting the game and therefore check if the Wow-64.exe application error still appears.

  1. Navigate to the World Warcraft installation folder. If youdidn’t make any changes to every installation folder during the installation process, it should be Local Disk >> Program Files Program, and maybe Files (x86).
  2. However, once users have a WoW shortcut on their desktop, they can simply right-click on it and select “Open File Location” from the context menu that appears.
WoW – open file location
  1. Locate the current folder named Cache in your WoW installation directory, right-click it, and select Delete from the pop-up toolbar that appears. Confirm your choice and restart the game to help if you get the Wow-64.exe application error.

Note. Make sure the launcher for that particular game is completely closed while we try these steps! Also, if deleting the cache directory doesn’t help, you can try emulating the same program.Ess with a directory named WTF!

Solution 2: Add The Game Folder Or Executable To Your Antivirus Exceptions

Many users who have installed third-party antivirus tools on this computer have complained that the game crashes after installing some of these tools or after updating game assets.

In any case, it’s entirely possible that a computer virus has started preventing this game’s executable from working properly, so buyers will need to successfully add it to the exclusion list, and most importantly, the entire WoW folder.

  1. Open the antivirus user interface by double-clicking the icon in the taskbar (the right side of the taskbar at the bottom of the window) or by searching for the problem in the start menu (Cortana).
  2. The exclusion/exclusion setting varies by company for different antivirus software. It can often be found without much effort, but here is a set of quick guides on how to find it in the most popular anti-malware tools:

Kaspersky Internet Security: Home >> Settings >> Other >> Threats and exclusionsExceptions >> Exceptions >> Specify trusted programs >> Add.Home

Why does Wow exe crash?

When your WOW software package is out of date, it usually causes intermittent things like crashes or freezes. And overheating of our computer can also cause your computer to freeze, causing one game to crash. In addition, some problems in your system, such as a problem with your card, are usually one of the reasons.

Medium: >> Settings >> Components >> Web Protection >> Exclusions.

Avast Exceptions
  1. Click and Build Be sure to find Wow.exe on your laptop, the executable is in the World of Warcraft installer. The easiest way is to right-click on the World of Warcraft shortcut and also select “Tools” to open files from the context menu.
  1. You can easily navigate manually if you know when the game is running. Is it set to C >> Program Files by default? Some PC tools require you to add an executable and others require a directory, so be careful!

Solution 3: Delete The Game Executable And Run The Repair Tool

Running the recovery tool after deleting WoW.exe and WoW-64.Files exe can do amazing thingsand for installing the game, as this skill process can do wonders for your game. will replace them with current working copies and may replace any other missing or corrupted files. Follow the strategies below to achieve this!