Tips For Fixing Invalid Jquery Json Tag Error

Tips For Fixing Invalid Jquery Json Tag Error

Over the past few days, some of our users have been reporting “invalid jquery json label” error.

The reason jQuery throws an invalid entry label error is that it expects services to respond in JSONP format, not JSON format. If your service responds in JSON format, you will receive an error from the article.

I’m using the Ajax file upload feature with their javascript/jQuery library.

When I post a file, I keep getting this error message: Syntax error invalid: tag

 jQuery('.uploadImage').live('click',function()     AjaxFileLoad();   ); (...) ajaxFileUpload() function    jQuery.ajaxFileUpload(            URL: '../wp-content/plugins/wp-filebrowser/uploader.php',             security: false,           fileElementId: 'uploadFile',            Data type: 'json',            Success: event (data, status)                if(typeof(data.error) !matches 'undefined')                    if(data.error != '')                        alarm(data.error);                     different                       alarm(data.message);                                                ,            Error: function(data, state, e)                alert(data + wi - ' + status + ha - ' + e);                        )    return false;  

My php script works (tested with json/jquery before), but usually something is wrong with By my husband and my json output is being removed from my php. I tried two approaches.

I’m buying json_encode to format the output. This will probably be part of my PHP code:

jquery json invalid label error (…) // Error message is currently empty. move_uploaded_file($_FILES[“file”][“tmp_name”], $uploadfile); $response is equal to $_FILES[“file”][“name”]._e(‘uploaded successfully’); $data = array(“error”=> $error, “msg”=> $responses); specify json_encode($data);

Turns out I was using _e() from Worpdress for multilingual support. The problem is that echoes can use _e() content and thus corrupt the JSON response. Once I changed __() everything worked.

  1. Hi, are you having a problem updating? Your jQuery!
    ** I used style 1.8.3. it looks like this is now built into v1.6, after the update this particular issue is gone.
  2. Do you have a modified version of jQuery installed?
    Make sure you don’t overwrite them with another version of jQuery!

jquery json invalid label error

This is a short answer to my problem after spending some time on it, but I think I can get more details. It’s almost startedThis is when we made an early version of the latest website. After getting a new style, a new design and a new environment to run it, it stopped working. This was frustrating because we currently had the latest version of jQuery installed, but that would be completely incompatible with the new idea we were working on. This must be because it has been overridden by the version of jQuery required to run the rotation plugin.
While I’m happy with these articles, I might as well highlight all the other solutions I found that sounded sexy and legit:

Invalid label syntax.
Nouns have specific clauses when creating an object literal. Names cannot start with a number, be slightly more reserved keywords, or contain special characters (other than an underscore or even a dollar sign). Values ​​can be anything you simply string together, a number, an object, an array, a boolean, otherwise null.

Do families have the validation plug-in installed? **Resurs
The jQuery validation plugin is not compatible with jQuery 1.5, removing the plugin will cause it to work incorrectly.

Enclose the JSON string in square brackets **Resource
The problem arises because eval also interprets the initial element in the json string as a JavaScript label. Actually the solution is to enclose the JSON string in square brackets.

This is the answer I mostly followed and the following actually fixed my newer errors. Also in containers it seemed like it would work in this situation. However, since this was in a plugin that I didn't write, there were a lot of shortcuts to places where I had to rewrite that code to include the JSON in those brackets. It turned out that the work was more than it was worth on the market.

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