Msconfig Run Max Memory Easy Fix Solution

Msconfig Run Max Memory Easy Fix Solution

If you are getting a maximum memory error when loading msconfig, this user guide has been created to help you.

Core Configuration For iptables

Before you can help iptables, you need help building it . in the Linux kernel. Also, some iptables functions are only critical if you have enabled the corresponding iptables kernel sub-options. You’ll find many of these kernel features in the Network Options 2 version.4 menu. x in the kernel configuration tree or in the submenu of the network menu” “Settings. Features to pay attention to:

  • Network packet filtering. The Network Packet Filtering option has been moved to the main retained Network Settings Configuration menu.

  • Connection Tracing – This option is available in the Netfilter configuration menu outside of the Network Settings menu. This is required for NAT. (All of the options below can be found in the exact network filter configuration menu.


  • FTP support protocol – FTP is a complex method for a specialized NAT kernel module.

  • tables IP address support. This option is also required for NAT lookup. When you select this particular setting, it becomesThere are a bunch of extra options to match the different tests you want to run. For more flexibility, select all of these advanced people options. The Connection override of the Match Support state is particularly noteworthy because it is fundamental to stateful packet inspection.

  • msconfig start maximaler speicher

    set of features available to you. I recommend I convince him.

  • REJECT Targeted support – The packet filtering suboption adds a principle that can be useful when building firewalls. Therefore, it is preferable to activate the “Activate” function “idee.

    Full NAT – This option is required for many Y nat functions, including those described in this chapter.

  • Targeted MASQUERADE support – This full NAT resolution sub-option is for required IP address spoofing – a form of NAT is briefly described in the next section “Configuring NAT ‘iptables with'”. that the help option for this element implies that thisonly required if you are actually using a dynamic external IP address, but this is incorrect. An IP masquerade that requires an external IP address or a dynamic person is either not present.

    < /li>

  • Packet

    management – this kernel feature is usually required if you want to use the previously described mangle table . I recommend supporting them.

  • LOG support target – if you want to log hub firewall activities, or you can do so using this option.

  • <

    li> ipchains 2 ( .2-style) support – If you have legacy ipchains -b If you want to use a firewall asified, you must enable this option. You also need to use ipchains resources.

  • ipfwadm (style 2.-0) if anyone has an old firewall script based on ipfwadm, you you need to enable this option. You will also need the approach ipfwadm itself.



ipchains can support ipfwadm are mutually exclusive and with incompatible connection and trace parametersIP table support. Therefore, they do not provide compilation support for iptables and earlier tools for the same build of the same kernel. On the other hand, you can compile all of these tools in almost the same way and choose the modules you need by loading an acceptable kernel module. You may want to compile and use your kernel this way if you currently have an older one and want to port it to the newer iptables as time permits. distributions Many have the following kernels by default.

msconfig start maximaler speicher

If you need compiler support for functions as modules, you may need the appropriate modules with your startup script load firewall. the startup script will probably need the insmod ip_tables command. Check the /lib/modules/ model /net/ipv4/netfilter directory for other modules you might need to explicitly load them. To avoid manually distributing modules, you can compile support directly into the kernel, which unfortunately increases the length and width of your kernel file.

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