Solving The Problem With The Absence Of The NVIDIA Control Panel Scaling Option

Solving The Problem With The Absence Of The NVIDIA Control Panel Scaling Option

In this user guide, we will find out some of the possible reasons that might cause the nvidia Control Panel scaling option to be missing, and then I will provide some possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

I built a PC to play old video games on Windows XP SP3 32-bit.

So… this combination of situations covers all 4:3 aspect ratios. Even if I change most of the desktop resolution to something like 800 x 600, instead of the whole object being 4:3 with black bars at both corners, it just stretches the whole computer to fit the whole computer in a 16:1 ratio . 9 fillings.

The point is that it is notMore screen scaling options are available in the Nvidia Control Panel.

I tried displaying backlinks using D-SUB (VGA) and HDMI connectors and got the same effect.


NVIDIA Image Scaling is likely a cosmic driver based scaling and knife sharpening tool for GeForce GPUs for all online games. Available through both the NVIDIA Control Panel and GeForce And Experience, this feature includes a per-game enhancement setting that can be adjusted using the NVIDIA in-game overlay. It is available for Directx, many games 9, 10, 11, 12, Vulkan and OpenGL. There are two ways to enable NVIDIA image scaling: through the NVIDIA Control Panel and through GeForce Experience.

1. To enable the newly updated True feature, open the NVIDIA Control Panel, click “Manage 3D Settings”, and enable the Image Scaling option shown below

>2. When you enable image scaling, the driver generates 5 new scaling resolutions based on your monitor’s native resolution, which can beo Find in the game’s settings menu to be included in the nvidia zoom scaling. We recommend that you restart your computer quickly to make sure your games recognize these new resolutions



Resolution scaling for 4K output

nvidia control panel scaling option missing

Input resolution for output 1440p

Input resolution for many 1080p outputs



Why can’t I change my resolution in Nvidia control panel?

Go to the control panel of your personal video card and select the resolution setting, then set the screen resolution. If the display sidebar can’t change this resolution, go to NVidia selection as shown above and change my resolution in the display option.

2176 x 1224




1970 x 1108

1477 Back button 831


2560 x 1440

1706 x 960

nvidia control panel scaling option missing

from 1280 to 720



1506 x 847




1280 x 720

Not supported by Windows

3. You can set the sharpness settings for all your competitions at the same time or control the lighting for each game in the Program Settings tab in the Manage 3D Settings section.

Now that nvidia image scaling is enabled in a particular driver, the next step is to set the render resolution for the entire game.

1. Go to the settings of each game and select full screen*
2. Set the desired rendering resolution. NVIDIA Image Scaling automatically scales all render resolutions below the native resolution of the respective display and (for example, scaling from 2880 x 1620 to 3840 x 2160)
3. If you activate the overlay display, the text “NIS” will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Green text indicates that NVIDIA Image Scaling is scaling and tuning the game. If the text wall is blue, NVIDIA Image Scaling is boosted but not scaled

*If you don’t offer web fullscreen or don’t have image scaling enabled, you can immediately set your desktop to support the game’s resolution, allowing NVIDIA image scaling. It is recommended that you use the NVIDIA Control Panel to set and switch between scaling resolutions directly on the r side table

Note that sharpening (blue NIS indicator) is often applied when this feature is enabled and you play the song at native resolution.

  • Currently, if this feature is enabled on this global page, the settings will be global for all applications, but clarity may be controlled on a per-application basis.
  • To change the sharpness for a particular important game, go to NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings. Just select the game you want to change from the drop-down menu and apply the methods you want. This overrides the overall clarity of the profile settings.
  • If you can’t find the program, click “Add” and select the desired application, then click “Add Selected Program”
  • 4. When NVIDIA Scaling Image is enabled, click the popup on the right that appears below when you enable Scaling Image:

    While playing, press Alt+F3 and most people will be able to manually adjust the sharpening level while playing so you can see the look right away. and market clarity. And in the same view, you can apply other filters to change the look of each game.

  • Image scaling requires each screen to be driven by an NVIDIA GPU (which scans part of the screen).
  • For MSHybrid/Optimus laptop configurations, users must first change their dizrrstrr bilgisayar from mshybrid mode to discrete GPU mode. To enable NVIDIA Image Sharpening for an external monitor, remove the laptop’s internal screen.
  • Inline image scaling works when the game and possibly the running application is in full screen mode (for example, some games use “exclusive full screen” rather than “borderless” or “fake full screen”).
  • For games that do not have proper full screen mode and image scaling is not enabled, you can set the desktop resolution to the game’s final resolution, which will allow NVIDIA image scaling. It is recommended to start using the nvidia control panel tofixes or switching between zoom resolutions available on the desktop.
  • How do I enable scaling in Nvidia control panel?

    On the NVIDIA Control Panel Bonsai Tree Navigation Panel, under Display, click Adjust Desktop Size and Position to open the page.Click on the Scaling tab.Select an escalation mode, then click OK:

    Résoudre Les Problèmes Liés à L’absence De L’option De Mise à L’échelle Du Panneau De Configuration NVIDIA
    Resolviendo El Problema De La Ausencia De Una Opción Específica De Escalado Del Panel De Control De NVIDIA
    Lösa Tillståndet Med Frånvaron Av NVIDIA Control Panels Skalningsalternativ
    NVIDIA 제어판 크기 조정 옵션의 부재로 인한 문제 해결
    Löst Normalerweise Das Problem Mit Dem Fehlen Einiger Skalierungsoptionen In Der NVIDIA-Systemsteuerung
    Resolvendo O Problema Com A Ausência Da Opção De Dimensionamento Do Painel De Controle Da NVIDIA
    Решение ситуации с отсутствием опции масштабирования Панели управления NVIDIA
    Risoluzione Del Problema Con Una Particolare Assenza Dell’opzione Di Ridimensionamento Del Pannello Di Controllo NVIDIA
    Het Probleem Oplossen Met Het Ontbreken Van De Schaaloptie Van Het NVIDIA-configuratiescherm
    Rozwiązywanie Całego Problemu Związanego Z Brakiem Opcji Wspinania Się W Panelu Sterowania NVIDIA