Onyx Xm Radio Troubleshooting Easy Repair Solution

Onyx Xm Radio Troubleshooting Easy Repair Solution

Here are a few simple steps that can help you solve your onyx xm radio troubleshooting problem.

SiriusXM radios are designed for trouble-free, maintenance-free recording. If your radio isn’t working properly, here are some helpful troubleshooting tips. Please note

Please note that the messages displayed on the screen of your SiriusXM radio may differ slightly from those shown below. For more troubleshooting tips specific to your amazing SiriusXM radio, see your SiriusXM radio user manual.

Read the setup help for tips and tricks to improve the performance of your SiriusXM radio.



None Or the signal accepts the signal Make sure the SiriusXM antenna is mounted outside the vehicle and there are no obstructions blocking the view. If you have parked in the underground car park, you should receive a signal after leaving the garage. Antenna or antenna not detected Make sure the Siri cable antennausXM is fully and securely inserted into the mount. Make sure the SiriusXM satellite dish is not bent or broken. Turn off your SiriusXM radio, then test it to clear this message. If you are using Dock & Play or a portable radio, remove and reinstall the radio from the cradle to clear this message. Excluding Broadcast The channel you selected is not currently broadcasting. Switch to another channel. Download Your SiriusXM is receiving audio or model information from the satellite over the air. This lesson usually disappears within a few seconds. Update SiriusXM will update your radio to include the latest encryption code. Wait until the update is completed. A specific message may also be displayed if you normally try to set an unavailable or blocked route. — There is no company information such as artist or specific song title.

onyx xm radio troubleshooting

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No sound when listening to FM radio Check the market to make sure your XM radio or car stereo is tuned to the same FM frequency. Extra cable does not work with sound Make sure all types of cables are properly connected between the SiriusXM radio and the stereo. Make sure the SiriusXM radio’s FM mode can be turned off. Make sure the host is in AUX-in mode. Audio is muffled or noisy when listening Make sure all cables are firmly and securely connected. If the main problem persists, it may be interference from another VHF channel. See Finding the FM Frequency for your business in the SiriusXM Radio User Guide. Find the best FM station for your business www here:.siriusxm.com/fmchannel. The sound seems excessively low Turn up or down the FM sound quality until the sound quality improves. See “Adjusting the Output Level” in the SiriusXM radio user manual. XM Instant Traffic and Weather Sound channels are different from other XM channels These channels use different acoustic technologyGenerically than other XM inputs, so they often sound different than other XM channels. No creator name or song title Information may not be available or updates may be in progress. SiriusXM radio turns off unexpectedly If your radio has a true sleep timer and one has been created, your SiriusXM radio will shut down after the selected time period has elapsed. Turn off the timer relaxation function.


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onyx xm radio troubleshooting

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