Steps To Fix The Opener Debug Level Issue

Steps To Fix The Opener Debug Level Issue

Sometimes your system may display an error indicating the debug level of the opener. There can be several reasons for this problem.


Logging Features

API Kamailio (OpenSER) provides two functions related to printing debug and log messages, which can be used when writing extensions for Kamailio.

LM_GEN1(level, Line, …)

LM_GEN2(factory, Level, Sequence, …)

LM_DBG(string, …)

LM_ERR(string, …)

Logging Levels

L_ALERT (-3)

These levels should be used when errors require immediate action.

L_CRIT level (-2)

This one is ideally used when the error is generally a critical situation.


It is desirable to use this level for signaling data processing errors that do not lead to system failures.(1)





This intensity should be used for writing emails for debugging.

Log Configuration Options

Configuration File

Command Line Options

Control Log Methods

Simple Log Messages

Formatted journal

Compilation Options

Debug Flags

Memory Debugging

Custom Log File

Rotate Magazine

Useful Resources

Resources that can help you understand the Kamailio Transport System (OpenSER):- From man pages (syslog “syslog”.conf, syslogd, …Main)- Kamailio cookbook (OpenSER).- XLOG module documentation

Tracing: • debug-syslog-messages

Authors created by the original tutorial:Daniel Konstantin Mirla  Elena Ramona (at) modroiu 

tutorial for Printing debug syslog messages with Kamailio SIP Server (OpenSER).

openser debug level

note: the tutorial is outdated, the backend is partially saved in the core of the web hosting serverhas been revised to facilitate 1.3. Logging methods renamed from o to z. L_ERRin LM_ERR.

Kamailio (OpenSER) was designed to log debug campaigns of errors either in a function or in “syslog” for you in the standard “stderr” error display. Switching between the two options is not only possible via configfile, but also through command line options. By default, Kamailio prints (opens) the log in “syslog” messages.

Tips will only be printed if their agenda level exceeds the threshold specified in the theme file’s “debug” option or “-d” option “report this in line”.

In general, (OpenSER) kamailio can be configured to signal a custom log to the syslog function. You need to set up the “syslog” daemon and set the (OpenSER) kamailio “log_facility” config parameter to a satisfactory value. This advantage is detailed further in this document.

This direct message printing allows you to register at different levels. For more log information about a particular level, see the “Levels” section of the logon desktop.O

 size is the level at which you are going to print messages.        String one - a string that allows printing. It may contain dynamic specifiers in the format of the "printf()" function c. . . . . . . . . .o ....- additional options if the argument contains "string" print specifiers. 
 u string is a print string specific to it. This may be the format of the C function identifier "printf()".        i ... - more than sometimes subparameters, "String" parameter contains post specifiers. 

Kamailio (OpenSER) can be configured with the following options. The main parameters are in the configuration file before installation by filling modules and routing blocks.—

  • set the debug logging level, it must be a number between 0 and 9. by The default setting is 0. The higher the selection, the more logging information is generated. The default degree, which of (if debugging is not in the config file and there is no -defense option on the command line) will be (L_NOTICE) 2.

  • log_stderror If the -group option is set to “yes”, the server will publish its standard debug information as a result error. If the value is set to syslog, “none” is used. The default should be “no” (print to system log).

  • The debug level of the memlog area is the final one for reporting memory statistics. The default value is “L_DBG” – memory polls are created in volume onlyLearn if the “Debug” idea has a higher value.

  • openser debug level

    log_facility – most likely used to indicate for which program, such as associated with the program, the message is being logged. values ​​Valid for use with the opener are LOG_LOCAL0 to LOG_LOCAL7. Check the Syslog page directly for additional media. Debugging

  • record level and version parameters can also be specified as influence lines.

  • -E Enable – write to stderr

  • Turn on -d for debug mode (several -d’s actually increase debugging, e.g. -ddddd level) example

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