Suggestions To Fix PhpBB Installation Fatal Error

Suggestions To Fix PhpBB Installation Fatal Error

You may have encountered an error stating that a fatal error occurred while installing phpBB. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we will discuss them shortly.

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What version of phpBB are you using?
What is almost certainly the URL of your table? http://www.natureshippiehouse.com
With whom do you run your own forum?
How did you install your personal card?
What was the last project done on your board?
Do I need to register to reproduce this issue?
Do you offer installed mods?
What version of phpBB 3 did you upgrade from?
What styles do you currently have installed?
In what language(s) has your message board always been used?
What type/version of client record are you using?
What are your impressions of the apartment?
When did your problems start?
phpbb fatal installation error

I’m trying to help a friend upgrade from version 3.0.9 to version 3.0.11

Please describe the actual problem.

I’m trying to help a friend of mine who is upgrading her phpBB version from 3.0.9 to 3.0.11 with this automatic installer. I checked and normally the permissions are set to 755. When I point to the installer file I get the following error:

I need to have an idea of ​​how it will bego. What could be the problem? I checked and the folder permissions are set to 755. I’ve renamed the installer file for now so I can’t maliciously suggest it.

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What version of phpBB is everyone using?
What is your URL? boardwww.lunicus.org/forum
Who do you definitely host your board with?
How do you feel setting up your board?
What is the most important recent action?
Does your registry need to reproduce this amazing problem?
Have you installed any mods?
Have you installed any extensions?
What version of phpBB3 did you upgrade from?
What extensions did you install?
What size are you now?
What language(s) is your board currently using?
What collection type/version are you using?
What is the experience level?
What action did the person take (updating your map, installing a huge mod, style or add-on, etc.) before this problem started showing up?

Only steps to upload Hang 3.2.8 package to 3.3.0 on main BB.

Please describe your problem.

The installer has timed out and might consider refreshing the page, which can easily lead to data corruption. We are thinking . whether you increase all timeout settings or try to use the command line interface.

I contacted my ISP who just told me it was not a timeout issue but an airport terminal error:

After checking I was able to generate this error and it seems that the error is not a timeout but is considered a fatal PHP error. I certainly tried to fix this error but failed and would probably recommend contacting the developer for help with the update. I wrote below when browsing that the error is being logged all the time.

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[08-Feb-2020 08:44:18 America/Chicago] PHP Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: class name must be a valid pattern or a string in /home3/nasz/public_html/ Forum /phpbb/install/module/install_database/task/create_schema_file.php:66Stack traces:#0 /home3/nasz/public_html/Forum/cache/installer/container_a5fcce7799cdc15359366537322eb9a2.php(901): phpbbinstallmoduleinstall_databasetaskcreate_schema_file->__construct(Object(phpbbinstallhelperconfig), Object( phpbbinstallhelperdatabase), Object(phpbbfilesystemfilesystem), '../', 'php')#1 /home3/nasz/public_html/Forum/vendor/symfony/dependency-injection/Container.php(306): phpbb_cache_container->getInstaller_InstallDatabase_CreateSchemaFileService()#2 /home3/nasz/public_html/Forum/install/update/new/phpbb/di/service_collection.php(57): SymfonyComponentDependencyInjectionContainer->get('installer.insta...')#3 /home3/nasz/public_html/Forum/phpbb/di/ordered_service_collection.php(82): phpbbdiservice_collection->offsetGet('installer.insta...')#4 /home3/nasz/public_html/Forum/phpbb/di/service_collection_iterator.php in /home3/nasz/public_html/Forum/phpbb/install/module/install_database/task/create_schema_file.php on line 66 

Get help installing and running 3 phpBB.2.x here. Please do not submit bug reports, feature tickets, or follow-up questions here.

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Fatal Error

phpbb fatal installation error

Support Request Template
What variant of phpBB are you using? phpBB 3.2.1
What is your board's URL? We all apologize if I'm not linking everyone directly to the forum. :
Who will take care of your master's suffering? Netson
How did you set up yourYour game board? Someone else installed my card instead of me
What is the last procedure done on your upgrade card? from an earlier version of phpBB3
Do I need a registry check to reproduce this issue? No
Have you installed any mods? No
Have you installed any extensions? No
What version of phpBB3 did you build the extension from? phpBB 3.Styles 0-b1
What have buyers currently installed? Eles - Responsive Theme phpBB 3.2
What languages ​​does each board currently use? Italian
What type/version information are you using? MariaDB
What is your rich reliable experience? New in PHP and phpBB
What actions did you take (updating the map, installing a mod, style or extension, etc.) before helping this problem go unnoticed? especially excitement. Simple input gives this error message.
Please describe your issue. '' PHP-In warning: computer file [ROOT]/phpbb/di/container_builder.php on line 146: require(./cache/production/autoload_4335734bbdd20f586549a504dff5f80c.php): failed to open without stream: this file also contains ' directory'

To fix this error, I need to access FTP here. Next, I need to delete the "Processing" folder. To keep the place from going offline, I really need to repeat the process at least every other day.
Could it be because you recently installed the theme?

I'm pretty sure the appropriate extensions installed won't help solve this problem. I say this mainly because this question has been brought up for a long time.

Thank you for your support.
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Re: Fatal Error

If you think this is style, go back to professional silver precious metal and give it a try.

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