How To Fix Sam Error 12294 Admin Easily

How To Fix Sam Error 12294 Admin Easily

Recently some of our users reported the same admin error 12294. Bug ID 12294 means that there are usually many authentication failure events logged in the security log due to incorrect capabilities, or it could be a virus situation. If you have changed the built-in domain administrator master password, make sure the credentials are updated everywhere.

User accounts are unexpectedly locked out and case ID 12294 is logged in Windows Server 2003.
Event ID 12294
source SAM
Description The SAM database was unable to lock the user account due to a resource error, such as disk role not writable (the specific error code is listed in the error data). Accounts will be closed after a certain period of time. Several weak passwords are provided, so please review the Myspace Poker Chips password reset information mentioned above.Data: 0000:c00002a5
Event information According to Microsoft:
sam error 12294 administrator

REASON. This problem can occur whenever the computer is your network is infected with the W32.Randex.F worm, or possibly a variant of it.

SOLUTION. To diagnose this problem, run a full network virus scan using all the latest virus definitions available. Use all scans to remove W32.Randex.F earthworms. For more information about performing a virus scan or getting the latest virus definitions, see your antivirus software documentation or email the manufacturer.According to the newsgroup:

Excerpt from Usenet post: “I think I’ve solved this problem, one of the servers has a different local admin password than the domain admin password because all services on the server help the local admin account. That’s what I usually do .I don’t know which services require a huge domain account, but installing the same one solved all the problems.”

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  • Currently logged in on the affected controller domen and watch for error checks in the security log. In my case, I found eight PCs affecting our DC. I forcibly extinguished them and the attacks stopped. Computers that were removed from the domain were also reinstalled to make sure they were free of viruses. After that, everything was fine.
    In our process, these errors began to appear due to your FTP dictionary attack, when each attacker tried to connect to our FTP servers as an administrator. For each of these entries, there was a huge corresponding entry in our Microsoft ftp log files around our DC.

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    • From the newsgroup article: “The owner’s account cannot be suspended. As a general rule, you should check for client computers that connect with the wrong prompts, and then identify the user or application that is using the wrong password. Sometimes the account name can help you. For example, if the account expression is a product name, then the accountWith this entry, you can be sure that you are looking for a misconfigured service. The “workstation” study in connection audits tells everyone where the connection request is coming from.”

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