Tips For Troubleshooting System Clock Errors

Tips For Troubleshooting System Clock Errors

If you encounter a system clock error, the following guide will help you. Clock Error: Before trying again, make sure the corresponding system clock is set to the correct date and time. After closing the main error dialog box, you might receive the following message: The license manager is not working or is not installed correctly. AutoCAD closes this point.


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How do I fix AutoCAD clock error?

Go to Start > Windows Settings.Select time and language.Select the Date and Time tab.Set time automatically: OnAutomatically set time zone: enabled.

When launching Autodesk software, it won’t load and will often display an error:

clock error
Before retesting, make sure the multilevel clock is set to the old date and time.


  • An error message will be displayed if the total duration is set correctly, but no current registered email address was specified at the time of the request.
  • The time

  • set on the system is incorrect, especially for Windows 10 updates.
  • Solution:

    Install part of the system clock manually:

    1. Select Start > Windows Settings.
    2. Select the time and language.
    3. Select the Date and Time tab.
    4. Automatic time setting: enabled.
    5. Automatic time zone setting: enabled.

    System time provided by each domain controller

    Why is my computer saying my clock is wrong?

    You may find that your computer’s clock is wrong if the server is unavailable or returns the wrong time for various reasons. Your watch may also abruptly turn off if the time zone settings are disabled. Change the design of the Internet time server if your clock is incorrect.

    Inin many cases, the options will be greyed out and a disclaimer will appear below:

    How do you fix system clock issues?

    To fix your time zone in Windows 10, right-click on someone’s system clock on the taskbar at the bottom right of any screen and select Adjust Date/Time. You can also go to Settings > Time & Language > Date & Time. Check here in the time level field if the informationtrue.

    Your organization may also have a domain policy that requires user workstations to synchronize their system to some degree with a local Network Time Protocol (NTP) server that provides the wrong time. To check it out:

    1. Open a single elevated command prompt by typing cmd in the start menu, right-clicking cmd.exe and selecting “Run as administrator”.
    2. Run w32tm /query /status.
    3. The “Original” price indicates which domain is currently being used as the NTP server. In a new domain, this value specifies the address of your server. Ask your system administrator to fix NTP so that the correct time is used in the history of all workstations.

    Here is the case where the above command is executed on a workstation using a standard Windows NTP server:


    After opening F/XCAD or AutoCAD you have received the following message:

    Clock error. Please make sure your system clock is set to the current time and night time before trying again.


    Your system clock may not be set correctly, which may affect the functionality of F/X CAD.

    system clock error

    You may also see this email if the time is set but you did not enter a visible email address when prompted.


    1. Make sure you sign up with a valid email address (the one that customers enter during installation) if you are using CAD.

    2. In Windows settings, select your personal date and time settings. Make sure the following options are enabled:

  • Set search time automatically
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time
  • 4. Open AutoCAD or F/XCAD. Your setup should be positioned correctly without triggering a timer error message.

    For more information, see the related Autodesk article on this error.

    system clock error

    When you find the error dialog box, you might get the following message:

    The license manager is not working or is not installed correctly. AutoCAD will now stop.

    Incorrect computer system clock can cause activation problems. Have you recently reset the date and time on your computer? Make sure your computer’s system clock displays the correct date and time, and matches your time zone.

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