FIX: Tablet PC Recovery Disc

FIX: Tablet PC Recovery Disc

If you are getting a tablet PC recovery disk error message, this user guide has been created to help you.


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This document is for HP Tablet PCs with Windows 8 installed.

This document explains how to restore the system software or the latest full software image on your HP tablet.

Restore system software if you saved your settings and software (refresh your computer)

You can use the Refresh Your Computer feature in Windows8 to recover files without interfering with other programs. When troubleshooting software issues, use Refresh your computer before using the other recovery answers.

The Refresh Computer feature performs the following actions on files on a person:

  • Your configurations and personalization settings such as libraries, user accounts, and desktop themes are preserved.

  • Computers will be reset to factory settings.

  • Apps from major Windows stores will be reinstalled and reset with their errors. You don’t need an internet connection to reinstall these apps.

  • Follow these steps to update your computer:

    1. Swipe in from the right edge to open the Charms menu and tap Settings. Click

    2. Change PC settings, tap Update in addition to Recovery, then tap Restore.

    3. In the Update your computer without affecting your files section, click Get Started.

      Rice. Updateand recovery

    4. How do I reprogram my tablet to my PC?

      Select Start > Settings > Apps.Under Apps & Features, select the new AppYour phone” from the current list.Select More options > Reset.Restart your phone on PC.

      Under Refresh your computer screen, click Next.

      Rice. : Computer update

    5. When prompted to insert an ad, firmly insert the SD card that will provide you with the system recovery image into the card slot.

      Figure: Inserting our recovery microSD card

    6. When done, click Refresh.

    7. Please wait while Windows updates someone’s computer. This may take more than 20 minutes and you will need to restart your computer.

      Rice. : Computer update

    8. After most of the update is complete and the lock screen appears, sign in to Windows.


      After the update is complete, the deleted HTML file named Apps.html can be randomly placed on the desktop containing a list of user-deleted desktop applications so that your entire family knows to reinstall.

    Restoring Genuine System Software (PC restart)

    You may be using the Reset PC program available with Windows 8 to restore the recording data to its original factory settings.

    Restart PC performs public actions:

  • Your personal files such as collections, user preferences, accounts and PC desktop themes will be permanently deleted.

  • Hard drive settings will be reset to default.

  • The settings for applications, and therefore other software, that were originally reinstalled on the computer will be reset to their final default settings.

  • Software, applications, programs and anything that anyone has installed or stored on one of our computers will be removed.

  • Follow these steps to restart your computer from the start screen:

    1. How do I create a surface recovery USB?

      Create an actual recovery drive Connect the USB power adapter to the USB port on the entire surface. Swipe in from the large edge of the screen and tap Water or tap Search. In the summary box, type recovery, and in some of the search results, tap or click Recovery, and then tap or click Create a Full Recovery Disc.

      Swipe in from the right edge to open Charms options, then tap Settings. Click

    2. Change your PC settings, click Update and Recovery, then click Recoverye”.

    3. In the Remove everything and reinstall Windows section, click Start Stock.

      Rice. Update and optional recovery

    4. Tap on the reset PC screen to go to the next one.

    5. When prompted to insert consumables, insert the SD card on which the system recovery image was created into the appropriate card slot.

      Rice. : Installing a microSD card for full recovery

    6. A screen that says “Do you want to completely upgrade your hard drive?” will open.

    7. Can I download a Windows 10 recovery disk?

      To work with the Media Creation Tool, go to the Microsoft Software Download Windows 10 page from a Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 device. This page allows you to save a disk image (ISO file), which, unfortunately, can be used to install or reinstall Windows 10.

      Select Delete my files while I work only to continue using your computer.

    8. Select Complete Disk Erase if you are selling, giving away, or possibly recycling your tablet. This method is significantly more efficient at obfuscating previous data.

    Fig.: Compensation level selection

  • On the Ready to Reset New screen, click Reset.


    This step will destroy your personal files and settings. Before performing a reset, make sure you haveOr backup all important files on another drive. If your business needs help backing up your downloads, you should contact the appropriate professional data recovery service.

    Rice. : Reset computer

  • Please wait while Windows restarts this computer. This may take several minutes and will most likely restart your computer.

    How do I create a Windows 10 recovery USB?

    In the search box next to the Start button, ask to create a recovery drive, then select it.When the software tool opens, make sure “Back up gadget files to a recovery drive normally” is selected, then click “Next”.Connect your USB flash drive to your computer, prefer it, then select Next.

    Rice. : Reset computer

  • Reset the current computer using System Restore

    To restart your computer using System Restore from the main screen, do the following:


    All notes on the disk will be deleted by this operation. Before restoring, make a backup copy of the key information.

    1. tablet pc recovery disk

      Close the panel.

    2. While holding the volume down button, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, then release.

      tablet pc recovery disk

      Rice. : ButtonsVolume down and volume down

       Photo showing where the volume rocker and juice buttons are located. Looking at part of the back of the tablet, the power button is in the top left corner, and the volume down button is the part of the last toggle switch pressed down. The top left edge of this particular back

    3. On the Start menu, click System Restore.

      Rice. : System Recovery Inventory in the menu

    4. When the “Select an option” screen appears, click “Troubleshoot”: