Tips To Fix Vt8237 Serial Ata Raid V2.01 BIOS Setup Utility

Tips To Fix Vt8237 Serial Ata Raid V2.01 BIOS Setup Utility

Sometimes your computer may give an error that the BIOS setup utility version 2.01 is being used for vt8237 Serial ATA Raids. This problem can have many causes.

Please follow the instructions below to create a complete RAID array:
1) Prepare your drives carefully for the RAID build.

via vt8237 serial ata raid bios setting utility v2.01

Note. For optimal performance, it is recommended that the main hard drives used be of the same
and capacity.

How do I get to RAID configuration utility on ASUS?

Power on the system and press the “Del” key to enter the BIOS [advanced mode].Click the [Advanced] site, and then click [SATA Configuration].Click [SATA Mode] and finally set it to [RAID] as the first one marked in red in the picture below.Click on the [Boot] page and map [Launch CSM] to [Disabled].Press solution F10 and click OK, then the process will restart automatically.

2) Connect the mt hard drive connectors to their specific location on the motherboard, i.e. IDE, SCSI,

3) Also, enter the BIOS of the motherboard to find the RAID configuration (see Embedded Devices section).
4) Enter the RAID configuration in the BIOS, select But also select the type of RAID (to send instances login via VIA

5) Finish installing the driver.
6) Finish installing the RAID software.
For more information about the steps below, click here. (For more configuration information, you can always visit ourhttp:www.gigabyte.com.tw under “SupportTechnology MotherboardManual” to read or download the necessary
information.)< /p>

For example, in the VIA 8237 SATA RAID BIOS configuration, select the RAID array, as well as the type of hard drives you want to include in the array
on the market.
Enter the specific BIOS RAID configuration
After restarting the computer system, please wait until the RAID software prompts you for the media
(Figure 1). The RAID prompt appears as part of the system POST in addition to the boot process prior to OS seeding. You have a few seconds to press before the timeout disappears.

Press .
The VT8237 SATA Window Raid System is in a vertical position (as shown in Figure 2 below).

VIA Technologies, Inc. VIA VT8237 Serial ATA RAID Setting BIOS Utility V2.31
Copyright (C) VIA Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

How do I access my RAID configuration utility motherboard?

Run the BIOS RAID Setup Utility. See To run the complete BIOS RAID setup utility.Select the desired HBA, then press Enter.When this BIOS RAID Setup Utility menu appears, press Ctrl+P.Select Controller Log Information, then press Enter.

Scanning devices, please wait…
Press the key in the user window!
Serial_Ch0 Master: ST3120026AS
Serial_Ch1 Master: ST3120026AS

Create a RAID array with
hard drives connected to
RAID controller via RAID

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How do I change RAID settings in BIOS?

Go to Configuration > SATA Drives, set chipset SATA mode to RAID. Go to “Advanced” > “ToDisk Configuration”, set “Configure SATA” to “RAID”. Go to Advanced > Disk Configuration, set Disk Mode to Advanced and RAID to Enabled.

How do I access Dell BIOS RAID?

When these gadgets are configured in the UEFI BIOS application, the RAID configuration can be accessed through the F12 pre-boot menu. Press F12 at power on while the Dell logo splash screen is displayed. Then select “device configuration” from the list sent to the F12 preboot menu.

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