Tips To Fix Windows Socket Error 10048

Tips To Fix Windows Socket Error 10048

In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that might be generating windows socket error 10048 and then share some of the possible recovery methods that you can try to fix this problem.

Windows socket error 10048 occurs when an application fails to permanently open a TCP/IP socket to receive information from another application or computer. This usually indicates that the TCP/IP process is not available or that the required socket version number is currently in use.

(FAQ) What Does Winsock Error 10048 Mean?

How do I fix error 10048?

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window socket error 10048

Winsock error address 10048 is already in use. This means you have two very similar types of server applications that check to see if they are using the same port on the same machine. This error may very well occur if you are running two SMTP servers on the same learning device because both are trying to use it so you are using 25.To

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This is a specific winsock bug and we need to fix winsock. It’s very simple, but a bit long if you’re doing it in a flow.original time. All we have to do is delete the Winsock home registry keys mentioned in the article

After destroying the keys, disable mlm inbound access from Add/Remove Programs (do not modify your computer now!) and remove everything EXCEPT the network card from this network -> Configuration tab. Now restart your computer and again check if the network is enabled in Add/Remove Programs. everything is automatically returned to the stack network, so we don’t have to do anything there. The system, computer and internet should work normally.

window socket error 10048

However, when the Internet is up frequently, type “SFC” in the “Start” box, select a certain file and extract it from the installation disk, but then you will have to delete all the Winsock files needed in step 9. du were mentioned in the previous article .

reboot your computer after greeting… after that, your computer should work fine.

PS: If Norton is installed, disable it.

I started with a simple guide to servers on all msdn websites to understand how sockets are used onon servers and in guest applications.

How do I fix Windows socket Error?

Reset Winsock.Reset TCP/IP from the command line.Update/remove drivers.Disable network socket.Disable proxy.Use the netsh int ipv4 set command.Reset the firmware of your WiFi router.Get your IP address and DNS automatically.

After following the tutorial, I started creating client-server and code directly in multi-threaded programs for developing client-server chat and. Everything was going well until I ran into WSA error 10048. I tried to use different ports for almost every socket, but never thought of fixing the error.

What does socket error mean?

A “socket error” indicates that search requests sent over the network may not have arrived in time. The simplest addition to solving this problem is a factory reset and a firmware update. If the connector error persists, try connecting from your computer to any light source immediately.

#undef UNICODE# define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include // Require a link to Ws2_32.libComment #pragma(lib, "Ws2_32.lib")// comments #pragma(lib, "Mswsock.lib")//Global values// I set them all up to work with values ​​to get the build server working.// I'll consider passing them as parameters laterInterval iResult;struct addrinfo * result = NULL;addrinfo structure hints;int number of clients = 0;SOCKET Client socket[5];std::thread** sendReceiveThread New = std::thread*[5];// prototypesint listen(SOCKET ListenSocket);accept int(SOCKET ListenSocket);int sendGet();int shutdownFunction(SOCKETClientSocket);#define DEFAULT_BUFLEN 512#define DEFAULT_PORT1 "1016"#define DEFAULT_PORT2 "1017"#define DEFAULT_PORT3 "1018"#define DEFAULT_PORT4 "1019"#define DEFAULT_PORT5 "1020"interior()    std::cout << defined << std::endl;    vsadata vsadata;    SOCKET ListenSocket = INVALID_SOCKET;    // Initialize Winsock    std::cout << 2 << std::endl;    iResult = WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2, 2), &wsaData);    if (iResult! is 0)        std::cout << three positive << std::endl;        printf("WSAStart failed: %dn", iResult);        redeem 1;        ZeroMemory(&hints, sizeof(hints));    hints.ai_family AF_INET; = tip.ai_socktype = sock_stream;   tip.ai_protocol IPPROTO_TCP; = tip.ai_flags AI_PASSIVE; = std::thread ListenThread[ListenSocket]()listen(ListenSocket); ;    ListenThread.join();    get 0;int listen (SOCKET ListenSocket){    interval port_number = 1;    std::vector thread_vec;    (true) till    {        if (portNum == 1)                    // Allow server property and port            std::cout << 4 << std::endl;            iResult means getaddrinfo(NULL, DEFAULT_PORT1, &hints, &result);            port number++;            while (result != 0)                std::cout << 5 << std::endl;                printf("getaddrinfo failed, error: %dn", iResult);                WSACleanup();                Pause;                            Otherwise, if (portNum == 2)        {            // Allow server processing and port            std::cout << 4 << std::endl;            iResult means getaddrinfo(NULL, DEFAULT_PORT2, &hints, &result);            port number++;            im(result !=0) {                std::cout << 5 << std::endl;                printf("getaddrinfo failed: %dn", iResult);                WSACleanup();

How do I fix Runtime Error 10048 address in use?

Mistake. 10048 The address is already in use.Because. This error occurs when your operating system is unable to allocate new sockets. On Windows, the default limit is 4000 to 1024 open ports (5000 is the maximum usable port).default port, plus the first 1024 ports are reserved).Solution. You can increase the default socket for the largest registry extension.

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