Best Way To Restore Windows Updates Uninstall From Command Prompt

Best Way To Restore Windows Updates Uninstall From Command Prompt

If you’re getting a windows Update uninstall command line error on your PC, check out these suggested solutions.

In this e-book, we will walk you through the steps to ultimate success.Prevent Windows 10 updates if they cause blue screen of death, performance issues, system crashes, and other problems on your computer. In addition, we also explain the easiest way to prevent your device from being deployed by reinstalling a failed update.

How do I manually uninstall Windows 10 update?

Open settings.Update & Privacy > Windows Updates.Click on more options.Click View your company’s update history.

Windows 10 updates with quality improvements at least two days to a few weeks a month, but there are still a few instances where upgrading to a new option isn’t something you want, so go for it. If the monthly fix contains errors that you might not expect, you can manually uninstall Windows 10. Windows Updates

Removing ten updates and installing the old OS scheme is not without headaches. For example, reverting to an older version may make your device work again, but you should skip the security improvements implemented in the latest update.

Uninstall Windows Updates Using Uninstall Options

How do you uninstall Windows Update using CMD?

Open Windows Search.Enter a command.Select “Command Prompt” from the results.Click Run as administrator.After replacing the KB ID, enter the following command: uninstall:wusa /uninstall /kb:[id]

While Windows 10 isn’t using the Settings app, do all of the following:

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. PressClick the gear icon on the main settings page or enter your settings.
  3. Click Update & Security.
  4. Click Refresh History View.
  5. Specifythe full update you want to get.
  6. Write down the KB number to find it.
  7. Click Delete Updates.Sizes=”(max-width:
  8. Find the update in the panel by KB number.
  9. Select the update you want to uninstall.
  10. Click OK to remove the update.

If you’re not sure about the KB number of the erroneous update, you can also use the “Installed” date filter in Control Panel to determine the latest updates.

Remove Windows Update From The Command Line

You can immediately uninstall updates you no longer need from the command line. You need to know the KB update numbers and command line requirements.

To uninstall a Windows 10 update using the command line, follow these steps:

  1. Open this Windows search.
  2. Type cmd.
  3. Select “Command Prompt” in the results.
  4. Click “Run as administrator”.
  5. Enter the following sale price after replacing the KB ID:
    uninstall: /uninstall wusa /kb:[id]
  6. For example, if you need to uninstall KB5001330, use the uninstall message: /uninstall wusa /kb:5001330
  7. Type “Y” when prompted to restart the computer and complete the uninstall.

How do I force a Windows update to uninstall?

Open settings.Select Update & Security.Click View Update History.Click Uninstall updates.Select the update you want to uninstall.(Optional) Please note that the number of KB updates will be reduced.Get the actual KB number of the update you want to uninstall.

If you really want your computer to automaticallyIf you rebooted after removing a certain update, you can use the following command:

If you want your entire family to be prompted to restart their computers, use all of the following commands instead:

How do I uninstall 20H2?

Open the start menu, find settings and save your windows.Go to the Update & Security section.Select Recovery.On the recovery screen, be sure to click the Start button under Go to a previous version of Windows 10.Follow the instructions on the screen.

If you don’t need to restart your computer after removing the patch, use the main command:

Please note that you must manually restart your computer to remove the region correctly. The above command will only stop the process and rebooting the system is always required.

Remove Windows Update Using The DISM Tool

windows update uninstall command line

Some updates cannot be generated even when using WSUS for Command Prompt (PowerShell), Settings, or Control Panel. This is because some tweets are required by your separate computer and the process may fail with the following update error message:

PC requires Microsoft Windows Build Security and cannot be uninstalled.

To remove uninstallable updates from a consumer DISM device:

  1. OpenExit the Command Prompt (Administrator) window.
  2. Enter the following command:
  3. Open | Notepad and paste the contents of the clipboard.

windows update uninstall command line

Use the Find function in Notepad to check if the update is properly installed. Please note that some updates cannot be found by their KBID. In this case, you must enter the last three or four digits associated with the build number. Example:

If customers want to remove build 19042.928 (KB5001330), look for 928 in the For Sale section.

Make a selection as shown in the screenshot above and copy the package ID.

Revoking upgrade fees using DISM can be dism /Online /Remove-Package /PackageName:[package_ID]

On the same command line or in a different instance, run the following command, replacing most of the package ID with the one you copied earlier.


If everyone followed the steps correctly, someone will see the above screen in a command prompt window.

How To Prevent Windows Updates

After The update will be removed from your system, you will need to block it manually if you don’t want to reinstall it the next time you check for updates.

  1. Download and open the Show with Updates troubleshooter package from the Microsoft website.
  2. Open the tool and just click next.
  3. Click Hide Updates.
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